Introducing the Multi Brace Back Brace Series

If you are looking for a brace that patients will rave about, you have come to the right place. Check out our MULTI brace series of spinal braces so unique that the government has granted a patent for their design. These braces were developed and created by David J. Kozersky, CPO, LPO, FAAOP, after working for over three decades with his patients. Each MULTI brace has every component purchased and assembled in The United States, making it a true All-American product.
Besides its patented design, what sets these braces apart are their unique ability to conform to the size of every patient. We believe the brace should fit the patient and not the other way around. With multiple anterior pieces for the TLSO and the ability to add extension pieces easily, these braces will fit patients of all shapes and sizes while accounting for fluctuations in weight with minimal to no adjustment.
Our patented design provides tri-planar stabilization while providing maximum comfort. The posterior pieces are easily replaceable which allow for modifications. In addition, the MULTI brace pads are removable and therefore can be hand-washed and towel dried. With all the advantages the MULTI brace offers, why would you consider any other brace?
LSO — Prosthetic Practitioners in Columbus, OH
  • Medicare approved for L codes L0637 and L0650
  • Rigid and semi-rigid pieces panels can be pre-set up 25 degrees
  • Stabilizing side panels that allow for proper hip to weight ratio
  • PDAC Approved
TLSO — Prosthetic Practitioners in Columbus, OH
  • 2 piece system with different heights and shapes to conform to size of patient
  • Pending Medicare approval for L0460
  • Under Shoulder straps allow spine to stay in neutral or hyperextension with no downward force
LSB — Prosthetic Practitioners in Columbus, OH
  • Medicare approved for L0627
  • Made of low density polyethylene
  • Lightweight enough that it can be worn under clothes
  • PDAC Approved
For more information about our MULTI brace series or to order yours today, either call Capital Prosthetic & Orthotic Center at 1-800-215-0764 or fill out the following information and friendly member of our staff will contact you within 24 hours.