Prosthetics Care

Our licensed practitioners take the time to listen to each patient’s needs because to us, you are more than just a patient. The relationship with a prosthetic provider is one that lasts a lifetime and we take that very seriously. Working with patients of all age groups and backgrounds, we strive to make the patient experience as positive as possible in every facet of the recovery process. We ensure everyone reaches their maximum potential by matching the appropriate prosthesis with each patient through in-depth discussions about daily activities, functional levels, and long-term goals. Call us today for a pre or post prosthetic consultation!

Lower Extremity Prosthetics

Our lower extremity prosthetics include:
  • Transfemoral (above knee)
  • Transtibial (below knee)
  • Hip Disarticulation
  • Knee Disarticulation
  • Symmes
  • Partial Foot
Person with Prosthetic Leg Sitting in a Step — Comprehensive Prosthetics in Columbus, OH

Upper Extremity Prosthetics

Our upper extremity prosthetics include:
  • Transhumeral (above elbow)
  • Transradial (below elbow)
  • Shoulder Disarticulation
  • Elbow Disarticulation
  • Wrist Disarticulation
  • Partial Hand
  • Finger Prosthesis
  • Myoelectric Hand